Wheels & Casters

We are a manufacturer, not a distributor, of wheels so most of our wheels are made to the customer specifications. However, we do have common sizes that we run which are industry standard sizes. (see below)

Typically, our minimum order is 1,000 pieces on wheels & casters.

Standard Sizes
Diameter range from 6" wheel diameter up to 16" wheel diameter. Width range from 1" to 2.75".

Types of Wheels

  • Pneumatic
  • Solid Rubber
  • Plastic Rims (any color)
  • Steel Rims (painted any color)
  • Machined Bushings
  • Ball Bearings
  • Diamond Tread
  • Ribbed Treads

Types of Casters

  • Casters with solid wheels
  • Casters with mounting plates
  • Casters with mounting rods
  • Casters with threaded rods
  • Casters with off-set mounting
  • Casters with breaks

We can paint the wheel rims and caster plates, or powder coat or zinc plate.

Please contact us today to see what Peerless Hardware Manufacturing Company can do for you.

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