Construction Hardware

Peerless Rod Clamps

  • Rod Clamps are available in standard and heavy duty configurations.
  • Plain finish.
  • Both have nail holes for anchoring to wood.

#51895 (1/4)

#51895 - Standard Rod Clamps are ductile iron and are shipped with set screw and nut assembled. For 1/4" (.250") diameter rod.

#30195-2 (1/4) #30295-1 (3/8)

Heavy Duty Rod Clamps are cast iron and are shipped with set screw assembled. For 1/4" (.250") and 3/8" (.375) diameter rod.

Peerless Heavy Duty Coil Thread Wing Nuts

  • Available in 5 sizes: 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/4, & 1-1/2 diameter coil threads.
  • Malleable iron casting.
  • Plain Finish.

30495-11/21-3/82-3/85.60Cast Threads
30495-23/41-7/82-1/25-3/4.95Cast Threads
30495-3122-7/861.10Cast Threads
11400 1-1/41-1/42-3/82-3/45-7/81.40Cut Threads
11400 1-1/21-1/22-3/42-7/86-3/42.60Cut Threads

Peerless Wedge Inserts and Peerless Askew Head Bolts

  • Peerless Concrete Wedge Inserts have an internal wedge which matches the angle of the Peerless Askew Bolt.
  • When used together they develop a wedge action which prevents movement if the nut on the Askew Head Bolt is tightened.
  • Each insert is provided with three (3) holes for nailing to a form.

Note: Askew Head Bolts must be ordered separately. Concrete Wedge Insert Dimensions (Inches)

250-5/85/8 Std.212-3/163-11/161-3/87/81.10 lbs.
250-3/43/4 Std.2-1/21-13/162-1/43-13/161-3/87/81.40 lbs.
255-3/4L3/4 Long2-3/81-1/42-1/45-1/22-5/87/82.30 lbs.

Peerless Askew Head Bolts

Note: Nuts & Washers are NOT included with Askew Head Bolts
As additional sizes and lengths are developed they will be added to our selection.

Material: Forged Steel
Threads: Rolling Threads
Finish: Plain or Zinc Plated
Testing: Each production lot is sampled and pulled tested for ultimate tensile strength

812965/8-111-1/41-1/2, 2, 2-1/2 & 3
426963/4-101-5/161-1/2, 2, 2-1/2, 3 & 4

Peerless Male & Female Pipe Adapters (Connectors)

Male and Female Pipe Adapters (Connectors) Are provided in ductile iron with hot dip galvanize finish. Sold in pairs. For use with 1.706" I.D. / 1.900" O.D. Pipe.

As additional sizes are developed they will be added to our selection.

1.900 O.D. / 1.706 I.D. Pipe

Peerless Form Clamp and Peerless Spring Clamp

When Peerless Form Clamps and Spring Clamps are used in conjunction with self centering Plastic Cone Form Ties to make a Quick-Lock Forming System. Plastic Cone ties are not offered by Peerless Hardware.

#21595 Form Clamp
Material: Malleable Iron
Finish: Painted

#30795-3 Spring Clamp
Material: Malleable Iron and High-Carbon Wire
Finish: Painted Casting and Zinc Plated Wire

Peerless Hoist Wheels/Gin Wheels

Well Wheels (Gin Wheels) are available in two sizes : 10" and 12". Both are of heavy duty construction and are designed for easy maintenance and service. For use with natural or synthetic fibre rope.

    #053195 - 10" Diameter (Sheave): Permanently lubricated bronze bearing and safety latch are standard on the 10" well wheel. Entire assembly is zinc plated for rust protection. SWL is 1,000 lbs. Maximum rope dia.: 3/4"

    #031595 - 12" Diameter (Sheave): Permanently lubricated bronze bearing. Hook is equipped with a safety latch. Entire assembly is zinc plated for rust protection. SWL is 1,200 lbs. Maximum rope dia.: 1.00"

Lifting Hardware

We manufacturer a number of different lifting hardware including;

  • Anchors
  • Lift Pins
  • Welded Wire/Coil inserts

All lifting hardware products are made to order.
Send us your product specifications, required finish and estimated annual
usage so we can provide you with a quote. Please contact us today.

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