Ductile Iron Castings

We have been casting ductile iron products since 1951 and have probably manufactured parts similar to yours in the past. With all of our castings, we have complete traceability from raw material to finished lot. Each lot includes samples that go to a 3rd party lab for testing.


Sand Cast - This is the most common method of cast iron products.
Lost Foam - This process uses a styrofoam insert that provides sharper corners and radiuses than sand moulds without the need for secondary machining.


    Ductile Iron: Grade 65-45-12 (the most common)
    Ductile Iron: Grade 60-40-18
    Ductile Iron: Grade 80-55-06
    Malleable Iron: Grade 32510 per ASTM A-47
    Gray Iron: Grade 20-25


We can cast small ductile iron parts that weigh only a few ounces, as in our small wing nuts or large ductile iron parts up to 90 lbs, as the type used on construction & earth-moving equipment.


We can do all secondary machining to your cast product to meet the desired dimensions.

In our Pennsylvania Facility, we have all the equipment for secondary machining from Drill Presses to CNC machines, Iron Workers to Horizontal Lathes.

In our China Facility, we have the same equipment and additionally we have continuous length thread rolling machines, robotic welders and lead screw tappers.

Please see our manufacturing page to view some of our pictures.

Finishes Available:

    Zinc Plating
    Zinc with Ultra-seal
    Nickel & Cadmium
    Hot Dip Galvanizing
    Powder Coating

Testing Available:

    Material Certification
    Microstructure & Chemical
    Salt-Spray (on finishes)

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